Sunday, April 8, 2012

Vin's Blessing Day-- 9/28/12

When Vin was four months old (we like to take our time over here) Vin received his baby blessing. It was given by a man with long(ish) hair and a handle bar mustache, also known as his dad. We did it on a Wednesday night at the Howard's house, surrounded by a small group of friends. It was a beautiful blessing and we wish our families could have been there to join in.

(What!?? Vin is suppose to wear white and not be old enough to hold up his own head! Guess I missed those memos.)
These are the men that made up the circle during the blessing. Starting at the left--Nate Howard (he and Jonathan were friends growing up), Brad Hinton (he and Jonathan also grew up together), Suliasi Lautaha (Member of the bishopric), The men of the hour, Ryan Hitz (Friend from the ward), and Taylor Burnham (married to Jonathan's step-sister, he is attending BYUH too). There are not many things better then a circle of worthy, priesthood holding men. Always gives me the chills, I love to see the priesthood at work.
(The handsome boy showing off his smile)
Vin was pretty nervous he wasn't going to be able to hold in his emotions during the blessing, he did pretty good though. So good in fact that it made me happy (see smile above), and surprised him (see wide eyes above).
(Hanging out with his friend Autumn Hinton)

And of course a couple of family photos to commemorate the day. I thought that three, semi-identical, pictures was the appropriate amount to share. Your welcome. If you want more however, let me know and I will accommodate.

P.S. The long hair and mustache have long since disappeared. Don't cry, I already did enough of that for everyone! Of course, my tears were tears of JOY!! So if it is sad tears you want...cry your own.


  1. I love reading your posts. Keep them coming. And don't forget we're coming to see you next month. Can't wait.

  2. Ha ha ha!! I'm still going to cry my own tears of joy if you don't mind. :)

  3. I'm trying to decide if this is an announcement or are these pictures from the future? (Look at the dates in the title, Jill). :) Love you, sis. Cute pictures. Good mustache. Your's too, Jonathan!